National Robotics League:
What It's All A 'Bot!

Sparks fly. Metal crunches. Robots go to war. The National Robotics League (NRL) is a combat robotics program from the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA)—and it’s a surefire way to pique students’ interest in technology, math and engineering. For the manufacturers who become NRL Industry Advisors, the excitement of competition is just the beginning; they’ll help create passionate, skilled future job candidates.

Browse the toolkits below to see if becoming an NRL Industry Advisor is right for you.

Toolkit 1:

Joining the National Robotics League as an industry advisor

The why, how and what’s-in-it-for-you


Toolkit 2:

An NRL Industry Advisor’s guide to success

Way beyond battle strategies


Toolkit 3:

Facts and success stories

Why NRL and its Industry Advisors matter


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